3E Electrotech October 2014 Contactors and Protection Relays which are Comply with Developing Technology

3E Electrotech October 2014 Contactors and Protection Relays which are Comply with Developing Technology

Yavuz Selim KARAKAŞ, Key Account Sales Manager
Sedat KARIPARDUÇ, Production Engineer

Contactor has 5 highly customizable product lines in order to respond all requirements in every application. They are designed up to 4000V DC and 40A … 6000A current ratings per pole. They are designed as normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), changeover type (CO), single pole and multi poles. They can be custom designed for respond users’ needs and special applications. They comply with quality control system ISO9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004 with IRIS Rev. Our experience and tradition about contactors is started with N line industrial contactor in 1950. In 1980’s company saw the potential in rail systems and it started to work on it. In 1990’s it became global manufacturer. By the help of this development and experience, it becomes one of the leading company in the market.

The long experienced extra heavy duty flexible line, up to 2000V AC/DC application, up to 1600A/pole. Microelettrica Scientifica contactors are designed to be used in main line, power or auxiliary converter input, filter pre-charging, traction motors on-load disconnection, electromagnetic brakes, Heating/Air conditioning systems.

The modern and compact heavy duty line, up to 2000VDC/AC application, up to 1000A/pole. Microelettrica Scientifica contactors are designed to be used in auxiliary converter input, filter pre-charging, electromagnetic brakes, heating/air conditioning systems. Also it can be used as a line contactor.
The higher voltage single pole heavy duty line, up to 4000 V DC/AC application, up to 1350 A/pole. Microelettrica Scientifica contactors are designed to be used in auxiliary converter input, filter pre-charging, capacitor discharging, heating/air conditioning systems, line contactor, train supply line, resistors based traction systems, for starting and braking of electric motors.

The extra heavy duty flexible line, up to 1000VDC/AC application, up to 1500A/pole. Microelettrica Scientifica contactors are designed to be used in transit and railway systems, control of cranes, mining equipment, and renewable energy.

The bar mounted contactor extra heavy duty line, up to 1000VDC/AC application, up to 85A-6000A/pole. It is reliable contactor which manufactured with 50 years of reference. N series are designed to be used in transit and railway systems, power generation, control high power motors, crane control and heavy industries.
Protection Relays And Types Which Are Comply With Developing Technologies
At the present day, because of the increasing in energy requirements major developments have occurred in the energy sector. In line with emerging energy requirements, lot of energy facilities has been established and a very important project is still ongoing. In this regard, while meeting energy needs, technological developments are followed in order to minimize of failures which may occur. Especially, when it comes to human life, you need to eliminate all errors and failures that can be occurred.

For this purpose, Microelettrica Scientifica, a period of over 40 years is produced protection relays for the energy industry. Every passing day, Microelettrica Scientifica adapts itself of developing technology. As a result Microelettrica Scientifica is the one of the leading company in protection relays as in many areas. Microelettrica Scientifica follow developments in technology and continuously it is considered of consumer demands. So it develops products which appeal to all needed protection functions for medium voltage level AC-DC .
Microelettrica Scientifica secondary protection relay which it developed itself , is manufactured in 5 main group;
A Series
M Series
N-DIN Series
MC Series
Ultra Series

A Line
Microelettrica Scientifica company produced first secondary protection relay based on microprocessor in 1977. Each passing day with developing technologies, Microelettrica Scientifica increase the features of relay for to answer consumer demands. For this purpose, it has developed A line relays in slide type, so size and weight of relay has been converted into a more useful type. Relays were produced with comprehensive protection properties by taking into account a number of different protection capabilities. Approximately 25,000 units of the A line protection relays which belonging to Microelettrica Scientifica are still used in Turkey and the World energy market.

M Line
M Line is type of secondary protection relays for special applications in medium voltage and high voltage levels, that produced by Microelettrica Scientifica company. M Line relays are designed to provide safe, permanent, and optimum protection in industrial and energy applications with more than 40 kinds of models. M line secondary protection relays are designed with useful designing and wide range of protection functions according to customer satisfaction and considering the request. Structures of the M line protection relays are adapted easily to technological developments and they are suitable for SCADA system applications. It is communicated by via the RS-485 port with Modbus RTU communication protocol. Areas of general usages are; heavy industrial plants, oil and gas facilities, manufacturing plants, light industrial facilities. Also it can be used like main protection element in AC-DC power transmission and distribution lines. 35000 number of M line relays which belongs to Microelettrica Scientifica are still used in today's market conditions.

N-DIN Line
The N-DIN line has been designed to obtain the most efficient space and performance which may mounted on rails. Main relay module used as a stand-alone unit, without the display module. By the help of this relay, it is saved the time, also display module control up to 31 devices. As a result of this it provides convenience to user for price.
Areas of general usages are;feeder and motor protection solutions which is needed for heavy industrial applications, oil and gas facilities and light industrial facilities. It includes feeder and motor protection functions in compact structure. ModBus RTU communication protocol is suitable for to use with SCADA system. Today, approximately 15,000 number of N-DIN series relays are still used.

MC Line
MC Line , is designed to provide optimum protection functions with competitive price in all of the industrial and energy applications. It provide convenience in all of the industry applications, power distribution applications and medium voltage applications by properties.
Properties are in the following,
It supports Modbus and IEC-103 protocol.
It has RS-232 service port and RS-485 communication ports.
Thanks to programmable inputs and outputs it completely dominates in the logic selectivity.

With additional modules it is possible to increase the number of inputs and outputs. Each model has a certain number of functions. This models suitable with 19’’ rack system, thanks to this they can provide full protection with more than one model at the same time .By adding pairs of adjustment function group and tripping circuit supervision (TCS) inside of developed structure which is on MC Line protection relays, gives respond of developed technology and requirements. Application areas are; especially in the energy distribution system and all of industrial applications. 45,000 numbers of the MC line of secondary protection relay are still used active in World and Turkey energy market.
Ultra Line
Ultra line relay is one of the most advanced protection relay in family of the Microelettrica Scientifica products. Each relay is a multifunctional unit combining protection, measurements and control. In this way there is no need for the PLC system. By the help of Modbus, IEC-103 and optional IEC 61850 communication protocols, it is suitable for today’s SCADA systems.
In Transmission, distribution and industrial facilities, multifunction protection are controlled and implemented easily with wide screen through the relay. CANbus ports with additional modules have been enhanced of the number of input and output. Also we can produce these devices in optionally with touch screens and front panel which has programmable LED’s. Nowadays, Ultra Series are shown between in very important protection relays which host most advanced protection functions. They are used about 25,000 units in Turkey and World market. Application areas are; DC distribution centers, AC transmission and distribution systems, smart grid systems and heavy industrial plants.

MSCom2 Interface Program
By the help of the computer programme which developed by Microelettrica Scientifica for secondary protection relay, you can connect 250 relays at the same time, also you can give commend 5 relay at the same time too .This programme is accessed to all features and all the protection / control functions of relays which it connected to, so it gives great convenience in programming and monitoring of the protection relay. All these adjustments that you do without any connection you can save, then you can send these records desired relay. Microelettrica Scientifica is updated MSCom2 program after each relay program develop. Latest MSCom2 program version is obtained from concerning website and then it can be established. MSCom2 interface program useful program that is compatible with Windows programs and it has multifunctional.

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