• On-Board Railway Applications

    Contactors and Disconnectors, Circuit Breakers, Braking Resistors, Fans, Integrated Function Products, Auxiliary Power Converters, Pantographs, 3 Rail Shoes, Deadman pedals, Drive Cabinets, Main Control Handles, Auxiliary Power Converters (APU)

  • Utility & Industry

    Secondary Protection Relays, SCADA Systems, Relay Selectivite Services, Energy Automation, Load Shedding Systems, Solar, Wind Inverters, Resistors, Contactors, DC Circuit Breakers

  • Power Quality - Power Factor Corrections

    Harmonic Filters, Compensation for Railway Systems, MV Capacitor Banks, SVC, STATCOM Systems, LV Capacitor Banks, HF Reactors, Shunt Reactors, Contactor Switched Capacitor Banks with Harmonic Filter, Thyristor Switched Capacitor Banks with Harmonic Filter,LV Capacitors

  • Stationary Railway Applications

    DC Switchgers, Disconnectors, Relays, Resistors, Capacitor Banks, Fans, HSCB DC Breakers, Transducers, Sensors, Trackside Led Signals

  • Movable Data and Energy Supply

    Pantographs, Third Rail Shoegears, Frost Ground Contact, Stinger Systems, Moving Conductor Lines

  • Renewable Energy Plants

    Solar Power Systems, Wind Power Systems, Inverters for PV and Wind Mill Applications, Current and Voltage Stabilizers